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The glory of love (and effort) 19

Posted on February 15, 2008 by jimparedes

A few days before Valentines, we got a call from a young man who booked APO for a most unusual engagement: he wanted us to sing one song to his estranged wife on his behalf. When the call came, we were so delighted that we immediately said yes.

Yesterday, at 9:15 AM, Danny, Boboy and I met this young man at a Starbucks in Makati. He said that he had to make a gigantic effort to win his wife of two years back.  They seemed to have made of mess of things big time. We did not care to probe more and find out the details. He said he would be happy if this major effort of inviting us to sing to his wife would result in her saying yes to even just having coffee with him. Lunch, or dinner will hopefully  follow in the future  and if his plans and prayers turn out right, he would like to have another weddimng ceremony with her to start anew.

The plan was simple. Someone would go before us to the girl’s office which was a building across Starbucks, approach her office  cubicle with a bunch of flowers. A minute later, we would enter and sing accompanied by just a boombox, the song “PANALANGIN”.

At around 9:30, a messenger bearing a bouquet of red roses proceeded to her office and promptly handed her the flowers. Before she knew it, Danny, Boboy and I were there near  her cubicle serenading her. The sight of seeing her with the expressions of shock, delight and being overwhelmed was simply priceless! Althroughout the song, she blushed, sang a few lines, and beamed a shy smile.

Soon after we started singing, everyone in the office stopped working, got out of their cubicles, brought out their cellphone cameras to capture the event.

After the song, amid shouts of ‘more’  from her smiling officemates, we kissed her on the cheek and whispered, ‘somebody loves you’, and promptly exited her office.

Back at Starbucks, the young man who hired us for this unique gig was so happy that everything worked. We thanked each other and wished him the best of luck. From there, we proceeded to Bellevue Hotel in Alabang for our Valentine rehearsals and show that evening.

A few hours after the serenade yesterday, we got a text from the young man to tell us his wife called him to thank him and that they had scheduled lunch!!!

Ahhh…. it’s nice to be Cupid!

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