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Obsessing on a beloved

Posted on March 08, 2008 by jimparedes

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  1. Jim, I certainly cannot adequately comment on the political landscape of the Philippines owing to a lack of knowledge about what’s happening there, but I have read and re-read many of your posts that deal with this topic and I certainly recognise the passion and commitment you have for your homeland. I embrace it also, and yet for me the pivotal thing in my mind that makes the Philippines unique is, that Filipinos are who they are, and make no excuses – nor need there be any made. The images to me during the uncertain times of the People Power revolution in 1986 where the sweet defiance of the Nuns handing out flowers to the troops, people crying and looking for the commonalities that do unite rather than segregate and destroy. I am still amazed that I was able to witness such a pivotal event event in the history of the world. I personally believe that inspite of the faults and corruption that allegedly exists there, I don’t believe a bloodless people power revolution cold have happened anywhere else. Filipinos are an incredible race of people. I had fallen in love with Handog, without even knowing the words, or even before I knew what they meant. It truly captured the zeitgeist of the time for me. The fact that you wrote it was a wonderful blessing that I have come to know you more. You are like a bellwether and it is my hope that the elements that make Filipinos a great people will permeate the areas where they might lack, and enable the country to once again take it’s proper place in the world hierarchy.

  2. jam says:

    The national Philippine language is written with an “F”. Filipino. Have a nice day!

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